No, but a phone stand is highly recommended to get the best results and make your experience easier.

If you don’t have a phone stand, you can consider propping your phone against an office or household item.

Setting up for Whiteboard without a phone stand:

  • Using a coffee mug, stack of books or any other object sturdy enough to support your phone while in landscape mode is fine, as long as your device’s camera is aimed to fit the whole writing surface in the camera preview.

Setting up for Paper without a phone stand:

  • Using a large drinking glass of coffee mug is actually perfect for holding your phone upright in portrait mode, allowing the device to be slightly elevated and leaning forward at about 70 degrees towards your piece of paper.
  • Alternatively, you can also try standing your phone upright against a sturdy object or even your laptop or computer monitor, if you have space to place your piece of paper to still fit the whole surface in the camera preview.

Check out the Whiteboard and Paper user guides for more instructions on setting up for success.

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