Does JIBB require any kind of special hardware or pen?2021-11-01T11:11:27-07:00

No, JIBB is designed to work with a standard marker or pen on any kind of whiteboard or blank pieces of paper.

Your writing surface and handwriting is detected by JIBB’s patented AI technology using your device’s camera and converts it into a digital rendering in real-time.

Does JIBB work with laptops or other cameras?2021-11-01T09:46:31-07:00

Yes! JIBB supports using any kind of built-in or external webcam. We recommend using an external 4K webcam for the best result and easiest setup.

Who should use JIBB?2021-11-01T11:15:53-07:00

JIBB is designed to be user friendly for anyone with a webcam or smartphone. Simply sign up to create your account and get started today.

It’s perfect for anyone who already likes writing on whiteboard or paper and wants to share their writing digitally with others online, such as:

  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Businesses
  • Designers
Why does the mobile app ask me to scan a QR code?2021-11-01T10:03:37-07:00

In order to sign into the JIBB Connect mobile app, you’ll need to create your JIBB account online and start a JIBB Workspace.

Inside the workspace control panel on the right, select “Mobile” under Input.

If it’s the first time you’re using the JIBB Connect, you’ll be required to use it to scan the QR code displayed in the control panel to pair the app with your account. This only needs to be done once, unless you log out of the mobile app.

Next time, simply have your mobile app open when you’re choosing your input and surface type, then click start.

How do I set up my phone to get the best results?2021-11-01T10:01:08-07:00

If you’re using the JIBB Connect mobile app as your input device, your selected writing surface will determine how you should set up your phone.

Whether you choose to write on a whiteboard or piece of paper, make sure you’re always fitting the whole writing surface inside the camera preview.

For whiteboard, we recommend using a phone stand or steady object to position your phone on its side in landscape mode.

For paper, we recommend using a phone stand or placing it inside a coffee mug so you can stand your phone upright in portrait mode, slightly leaning forward and aiming at your piece of paper.

Please refer to the user guides or tutorial videos below for more detailed instructions and setup examples.

Does JIBB need to be connected to the internet?2021-11-01T09:51:21-07:00

Yes. For JIBB to detect and capture your content you need to be connected to the internet, either via your network provider or WiFi.

How can I live share my JIBB session with others?2021-11-01T09:44:19-07:00

By default, your writing will always be displayed inside your personal JIBB Workspace. You can access your online workspace by logging into your JIBB account in a browser, where you will also have the option to copy and share an invite link as well as save a copy of your content.

Does JIBB work with any writing surface?2021-11-01T11:09:58-07:00

JIBB’s technology allows you to choose between capturing your writing on the following surfaces:

  • Whiteboards (fixed or portable – use a black marker for best results)
  • Paper (blank page or notebook – use a black or dark blue pen for best results)
  • Flipcharts (choose whiteboard mode – use a black or dark blue pen or marker for best results)

For more information, please refer to our Whiteboard or Paper user guides to learn more.

What format will my session content be saved in?2021-11-01T11:15:01-07:00

JIBB exports your content as a high-quality PNG image. More options will be available in the future.

Do I need a phone stand to use JIBB?2021-11-01T11:13:02-07:00

No, but a phone stand is highly recommended to get the best results and make your experience easier.

If you don’t have a phone stand, you can consider propping your phone against an office or household item.

For more detailed instructions, please refer to the user guides or tutorial videos below.

Is JIBB free to use?2021-11-01T09:45:08-07:00

Yes. For a limited time, everyone who signs up to JIBB has free access to the Business plan. More details about included features can be found on the pricing page.


Learn how to get started with Webcam or the JIBB Connect Mobile App


However you choose to use JIBB, you’ll always have the following options:

  • Use a webcam or the JIBB Connect Mobile app to capture your writing on any whiteboard or paper

  • View your JIBB Workspace in any browser or share your screen to any web conferencing platform

  • Save a PNG copy of your JIBB content to share with others

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