How do I set up my phone to get the best results?2020-05-05T18:58:25-07:00
The most important step of setting up every JIBB session is aiming your phone at the writing surface correctly.
  • Always make sure you can see the whole writing surface within the camera preview and that your phone is propped up against something stable.

  • The more device/surface movement there is, the longer it takes JIBB to detect and display your content. If surface detection takes longer than 60 seconds, you can report a bug to let us know.

  • You can still move freely in front of your surface while you write or stand in front of a whiteboard after your surface has been detected.

Is JIBB free to use?2020-05-07T15:52:54-07:00

Yes. Currently JIBB is free to use.

Is JIBB recording or saving anything seen through the device’s camera?2020-05-07T15:52:15-07:00

No. JIBB does not record or keep anything that is captured by your camera. The JIBB engine uses the camera to detect your surface and recognize when you are adding content in order to create a digital rendering of your handwritten text or drawings. Once the rendering is processed into vectors, JIBB no longer uses or keeps any images from your camera.

Do I need a phone stand to use JIBB?2020-05-07T15:50:21-07:00

No. A phone stand is not necessary to use JIBB. As long as you have a steady surface to prop your phone against, JIBB will work. If you don’t have a phone stand, you can consider propping your phone against a stack of books, coffee mug, or household item (a roll of duck tape actually works great to sit your phone in).

What format will my session content be saved in?2020-05-07T15:48:14-07:00

JIBB exports your content as a high-quality JPEG image. More options will be available in the future.

Does JIBB work with any writing surface?2020-05-07T15:43:56-07:00

JIBB allows you to capture content on any kind of whiteboard (fixed or portable) as well as blank sheets of paper. Paper and pen options will be available soon.

How can I live share my JIBB session with others?2020-05-07T15:42:01-07:00

JIBB currently offers the option to share your session directly any active Zoom meeting directly from the app. The Zoom meeting ID and password, if required, are needed to connect your JIBB session to the Zoom meeting. Click here to learn more about sharing to Zoom.

We will be offering even more live sharing and partner integrations in the future.

What happens if I end my session without saving?2020-05-03T22:58:24-07:00

Right now, each JIBB session must be saved before you end the session to avoid losing the session’s content. You can save the session by tapping the share icon in the top right of the screen, or simply choose “End & share” when you’re ready to end your session.

Does JIBB need to be connected to the internet?2020-05-07T15:37:15-07:00

Yes. For JIBB to detect and capture your content you need to be connected to the internet, either via your network provider or WiFi.

Can I sign up with just my email address?2020-05-03T23:08:05-07:00

Not yet. Only sign up with Google is available right now. There will be more options coming soon.

Does JIBB show what my camera can see during live sharing?2020-05-07T15:34:51-07:00

No, JIBB only shares your session content rendering as well as your voice if you have enabled microphone access. You will not be able to see the other meeting participants inside JIBB.

We recommend using the JIBB app as your capture device, and use another device such as laptop or computer too if you want to share live video to the same meeting.