Live Sharing Tips & Best Practices

Keep reading if you’d like to learn more about live sharing your JIBB session, the different options available and which one to choose.

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When and how to live share your session

If you want to live share your handwriting or drawing with someone else or even see a larger preview of your own session on a laptop or desktop, you have a few different options to choose from.


Sending a link before you start

This is the best option to choose when you are about to start a new JIBB session, and whoever you want to share your session with is going to view your writing or drawing on their own device by receiving a URL invitation to open it in a web browser window.


Browser sharing & web conferencing

This is the best option to choose if you’re planning to host a web conference and want to share your JIBB session content into an online meeting with others. Alternatively, this option is also perfect if you’re planning to use a laptop or computer while you write on a whiteboard or paper, and you’d like to see a larger preview than the mobile app.


Sending a link mid-session

This is the best option to choose if you’d prefer to get started and set up your phone and start writing something first, and then decide to share a URL invite link to your session once you’re mid-session and want to share it with others.


How to send an invite link to your JIBB session

This option is available to use either before you start your selected session type as well as while you’re already mid-session and decide to invite others to view your content.


Sending a link before you start

Every time you use JIBB, you will select the type of session you want to start, and will be given the option to invite others before tapping start.

Simply tap ‘Invite’ and then choose from your device’s native sharing options and your installed apps. Options may vary depending on your individual device operating system.

This is a great method to use if you want to send the invite to your session via email, WhatsApp, Slack, Teams, or other messaging or communication platform.


Sending a link mid-session

If you’d rather get started by setting up your phone, you can choose to tap the invite icon in the chosen session type’s interface any time you’re ready for others to view your content.

Just like sending the link before you start, tapping the invite icon will launch your device’s native sharing options, allowing you to share the link via whatever method you like.

Once you have shared the link from the app mid-session, you may need to re-position your phone to detect the surface, but the link will still be the same for the duration of your session.


What the others will see

Regardless of when you choose to send an invite link, the participants you send the link to will be able to view your session on any device with a web browser.

Your content will appear as you write it on your selected surface. In the example above, there is some written text that was captured on a whiteboard.

Your session participants will also have the option to copy and share the link if you want them to show it to someone else, or they can simply screenshot the content to save a copy.

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