Multicast Whiteboarding for Team Collaboration

Teams can continue to work the way they always have with JIBB – writing on whiteboards or with the mighty pen and paper to share ideas and solve problems together

JIBB Webex Example

The Problem JIBB Solves:
Ability to utilize physical whiteboard or paper
during remote team collaboration

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Most meeting rooms only have whiteboards or flipcharts and are not equipped with expensive Digital Whiteboards

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Most remote workers only have access to paper and are not able to use a Whiteboard or Digital Whiteboard

JIBB’s Business Use Cases

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JIBB already plays well with others
Use it with your existing business apps and tools

After you’ve created your JIBB account, you can use the JIBB Online Workspace and Mobile App however you like. Simply share your screen to a web conference meeting or create a JIBB shortcut in any of these examples below.

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JIBB + Webex

If you’re already using Webex, you can easily set up a JIBB shortcut inside the space of your choice.

JIBB + Webex User Guide
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Mockup Example
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JIBB + Microsoft Teams

If you’re already using Teams, you can easily set up a JIBB shortcut inside the space of your choice.

JIBB + Teams User Guide

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