Multicast Whiteboarding using real handwriting

The solution for hybrid working & blended learning environments.

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JIBB Example Placeholder
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Multicast Whiteboarding using real handwriting

The solution for hybrid working & blended learning environments.

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JIBB plays well with others

JIBB inside generic meetings app

Use JIBB with your existing communication tools with the click of a button. It already fits perfectly into WebEx and Microsoft Teams for streamlined collaboration.

JIBB + Webex Guide
JIBB + Teams Guide

Watch the video & see how it works

JIBB is an online workspace and mobile app that captures and turns your writing on any whiteboard or piece of paper into a digital rendering in real-time that can be shared with anyone, anytime.

Sketching Meets Collaboration

The future of work:
Using technology designed around the human aspect of collaboration

Teams can continue to work the way they always have with JIBB – writing on whiteboards or with the mighty pen and paper to share ideas and solve problems together – which can be shared directly into their existing web conferencing & communication platforms.

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Where does JIBB fit in?

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“Team collaboration platforms consist of two fundamental capabilities: unified communications, or UC (e.g., voice, video, and conferencing) and collaboration (e.g., business messaging, file sharing, and a shared workspace). Because many team collaboration services substitute the existing functionality found in existing UC, conferencing, and file-sharing platforms, these traditional sectors are merging.”

Telstra & Omdia whitepaper – COVID-19: why businesses need to revisit their corporate DNA

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Recreating and evolving the online classroom

Teachers and Students can join a JIBB Workspace inside or outside of their LMS while using web conferencing to share their actual handwriting on a piece of paper or whiteboard in real-time.

JIBB Webapp Use Case
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JIBB’s Technology is one of a kind

JIBB’s patented Universal Writing Input (UWI) puts real handwriting back into the physical & digital collaboration user experience.

JIBB’s patented UWI technology allows inputs from both analog and digital devices.

UWI Examples

JIBB’s user experience is simple

Use the JIBB Connect mobile app to capture your writing and share it via your own personal JIBB Workspace online.

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Follow these simple steps every time you use JIBB

JIBB Workspace

Step 01

Configure your Workspace

Always start by logging into your JIBB dashboard to configure a new workspace to get started. You’ll be able to share an invite link or start sharing your screen.


Step 02

Aim at writing surface

Next, you’ll need to aim your device’s camera at your chosen writing surface to detect and start capturing your content. Make sure your phone is positioned correctly to ensure you get the best results.

Start Writing

Step 03

Start writing

If you’ve successfully positioned your phone and aimed your device’s camera at your writing surface, JIBB will automatically prompt you to start writing.

JIBB is made for sharing & collaboration

Simply share your JIBB Workspace via an invite link to collaborate with others, or share your screen to any web conferencing platform you like.

JIBB is designed to play well with others

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