Multicast Whiteboarding using real handwriting

  • Use any pen & paper or whiteboard to share your writing online

  • Share & collaborate with JIBB using your existing business tools

  • Create a more inclusive & engaging experience for remote teams

  • Solve problems the way you always have – with the mighty pen

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JIBB plays well with others

JIBB inside generic meetings app

Use JIBB with your existing communication tools with the click of a button.
It already fits perfectly into WebEx and Microsoft Teams for streamlined collaboration.

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Getting Started

Simply sign up for your free account, start a new JIBB Workspace to begin sharing your writing however you like online.

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Using the App

Once you’ve signed up, you can install the JIBB Connect Mobile App to your phone and connect it to your account via QR code.

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How it works

Start a workspace and choose to write on a whiteboard or with a regular pen & paper to share ideas and solve problems with JIBB.

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Why is JIBB better than other ‘online whiteboarding’ tools?

No expensive hardware, no fixed cameras and no special pens required – just use the JIBB Connect mobile app and share your online JIBB Workspace. Magically capture and turn your writing on any whiteboard or piece of paper into a digital rendering in real-time that can be shared with anyone, anytime.

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The future of work:
Using technology designed around the human aspect of collaboration

Teams can continue to work the way they always have with JIBB – writing on whiteboards or with the mighty pen and paper to share ideas and solve problems together – which can be shared directly into their existing web conferencing & communication platforms.

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Where does JIBB fit in?

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“Team collaboration platforms consist of two fundamental capabilities: unified communications, or UC (e.g., voice, video, and conferencing) and collaboration (e.g., business messaging, file sharing, and a shared workspace). Because many team collaboration services substitute the existing functionality found in existing UC, conferencing, and file-sharing platforms, these traditional sectors are merging.”

Telstra & Omdia whitepaper – COVID-19: why businesses need to revisit their corporate DNA

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Recreating and evolving the online classroom

Teachers and Students can join a JIBB Workspace inside or outside of their LMS while using web conferencing to share their actual handwriting on a piece of paper or whiteboard in real-time.

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