Using the JIBB Connect Mobile App

Learn how to setup your mobile for whiteboard or paper and other tips and tricks


JIBB + Mobile

This page will show you how to get started with the JIBB Connect mobile app, and how to set up your device to use with Whiteboard or Paper.

Mobile Tutorials


Scanning the QR code

On the Getting Started page you will have learnt how to create your first workspace. Follow these steps below to make sure you’re ready to start using JIBB Connect for the first time.


Choose Mobile Input

Inside your JIBB Workspace, start by selecting ‘Mobile Camera’ as your Input from the side panel, and then your surface.

(Learn more about setting up your mobile for Whiteboard or Paper further below)

Choose Mobile input


Open JIBB Connect

Make sure you have installed the JIBB Connect mobile app to your device, and then use it to scan the QR code displayed in the side panel.

You only need to do this once, the first time you use the mobile app to pair it and log in to your JIBB account unless you decide to log out of the app.

Download the app via the iOS App Store or Google Play.

Scanning the QR Code Instructions


Click Start

If you’ve successfully scanned the QR code and/or have the JIBB Connect mobile app open after selecting your input and writing surface, you can click on “Start” to begin detecting your surface.

Keep reading to learn how your phone should be set up while using JIBB Connect for whiteboard or paper below.

Mobile Ready to Start


How to set up your phone

Keep reading to learn how to set up your phone for either Whiteboard or Paper while using JIBB Connect.

Mobile + Whiteboard

When using Mobile+Whiteboard, try using a phone stand if you have one available, or lean your phone against a steady object and face the camera at the whiteboard fitting the whole surface inside the camera preview as shown in these images below.

  • Whiteboard set up 1
  • Whiteboard set up 2

Mobile + Paper

When using Mobile+Paper, you can use a coffee mug or a phone stand if you have one available, keeping it upright in portrait mode, slightly leaning forward pointing the camera at your whole piece of paper, making sure the whole surface fits inside the camera preview as shown below.

  • Paper Mobile Setup 1
  • Paper Mobile Setup 2


Need technical support?

We are more than happy to help! Contact us via support@jibb.ai to report any issues or get technical support.

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