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Use JIBB with Webex to do more

Webex users can collaborate more easily using the JIBB bot inside any Webex space


Share your handwriting using JIBB inside any of your Webex spaces.

  • Use any pen & paper or whiteboard to share your writing online

  • Instantly save a copy of your writing to a Webex space

  • Create a more inclusive & engaging experience for remote teams

JIBB+Webex User Guide


Sign up to JIBB

To get started you need to create your JIBB account.

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Add JIBB bot to a Webex space

Start using the JIBB bot by going to the desired Webex space, then click on the “People” tab and add jibb@webex.bot to create a JIBB tab within your space. This will allow you to access and manage JIBB directly from your Webex app.

NOTE: Once added, you can right-click on the JIBB bot under “People” and assign it as a moderator so it has permission to add a JIBB tab to your space.

JIBB bot to a Webex space


Add a JIBB tab

The first step of using the JIBB bot inside your Webex space is typing @jibb in the Messages tab.

Once you see the JIBB bot card, you’ll be able to click on the “Add JIBB tab” button on the card, which will add a new tab to your Webex space that will launch a new JIBB Workspace.

All the people who have access to this space will be able to open the JIBB tab to view your writing.

Adding JIBB Tab


“JIBB it”

Once you’ve successfully added a JIBB tab, the bot will also automatically generate a “JIBB it” button inside the Messages tab.

Click on the “JIBB it” button when you are ready to start sharing your writing. Your JIBB Workspace will open in an external browser. Your writing from this window will be shared directly back into the JIBB tab in your Webex space.

You can access the “JIBB it” button any time by typing @jibb it into the Messages tab in any space that has a JIBB tab added.



Choose your settings

After you’ve clicked on the “JIBB it” button and logged into the JIBB Workspace window, you’ll have the option of choosing your Input (webcam or mobile app) and Surface (Paper or Whiteboard) to then click ‘Start’.

Visit our Help page to learn even more about getting started using JIBB with Whiteboard or Paper.

Go to Help
Choose your settings


Saving to your Webex space

Whenever you’d like to save a copy of the writing, click on the share icon inside the JIBB Workspace.

You have the option to type a message before clicking on “Share to Webex” which will automatically save a copy of the writing to the same Webex space as your JIBB tab.

Saving to your Webex space


View mode

When no one is sharing writing to the JIBB tab workspace, the window is in view mode only. To start sharing your writing to this space, simply go back to Messages and click the JIBB it button or type @jibb it to access it again.

View Mode


Access all JIBB bot commands

If you need help while using the JIBB bot in your Webex space, simply type @jibb help, @jibb hello or @jibb hi into the Messages tab to display the JIBB bot help card to see all the bot commands.

Access all JIBB bot commands


Need technical support?

We are more than happy to help! Contact us via support@jibb.ai to report any issues or get technical support.

JIBB Technical Support