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Make It Easy To Share Your Handwriting On Slack

The only thing your Slack teams are missing is a digital whiteboard.


Have More Productive Slack Conversations

  • Transform your writing into a real-time digital rendering
  • Your team will work smarter, not harder
  • Provide a more inclusive, engaging, and productive experience
  • Brainstorm and collaborate more easily and effectively
  • All users can view the same digital whiteboard in real-time or asynchronously

Deliver Hassle-Free Virtual Presentations

  • No hardware, software, or digital pens required
  • Use JIBB with any smartphone, computer, or webcam
  • Be ready to present in 2 minutes with no learning curve
  • Built for all users with all levels of technological experience

Operates Natively In Slack

  • JIBB was specifically designed to play well with others
  • One click will save or share your digital whiteboard as a JPEG or PDF
  • All you need is a computer or mobile device, white paper, and dark ink
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Turn Your Virtual Presentation Into A Collaborative Discussion

Because every great idea starts with a whiteboard.

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How To Set Up JIBB In Webex


Sign up to JIBB

To get started, you first need to create your JIBB account. Learn more about different features and plans on our pricing page.

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Add JIBB bot to a Slack channel

Start using the JIBB bot by going to the desired Slack channel, then

  • JIBB Webex Bot
  • JIBB Bot Instructions 2


Just type @jibb

The first step of using the JIBB bot inside your Slack channel is typing @jibb Once you see the JIBB bot block, click on the “JIBB it” button, which will launch a new JIBB Workspace in a browser window. Anyone in the space can click the same button to join the workspace to view or also share their writing there.

  • JIBB Bot Instructions 3
  • Webex JIBB Bot Instructions 4

Turn Your Virtual Presentation Into A Collaborative Discussion

Because every great idea starts with a whiteboard.

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Sharing your writing

Configure your settings

The first time you enter a JIBB Workspace, open the control panel to set your desired writing surface and camera input. Make sure you choose the writing surface you’re planning to write on and then choose between using Mobile, Webcam or a SIP device to capture your writing. Please refer to the JIBB help pages to learn more about using Mobile, Webcam or SIP.

Go to JIBB Help
  • Webex JIBB Bot Instructions 5
  • Webex JIBB Bot Instructions 6

Click Start

Once your settings are confirmed, you can click start as soon as you’re ready for JIBB to begin detecting your surface and capture your writing. JIBB will prompt you to start writing after the surface is detected, and you will see a floating camera preview and your written content displayed in the workspace.

  • Webex JIBB Bot Instructions 7
  • Webex JIBB Bot Instructions 8

Other features

Saving to your Webex space

Whenever you’d like to save a copy of the writing, click on the share icon inside the JIBB Workspace. You can save a PNG copy of your writing to your computer or share it directly to your Webex space by clicking on the “Share to Webex” option. You have the option to write a message or just click ‘Share’ and it will automatically appear in your Webex space.

  • Webex JIBB Bot Instructions 9
  • JIBB Webex Instructions
  • JIBB Bot Instructions 11


Need technical support?

We are more than happy to help! Contact us via support@jibb.ai to report any issues or get technical support.

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