Whiteboard Session Tips & Best Practices

Keep reading if you’d like to learn more about JIBB whiteboard sessions, how to get set up, capture your writing and share your content however you like.

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Whiteboard Session Options

Both Whiteboard and Paper session modes have their own user interface and actions suited to the experience while writing on the selected surface type.

Share & Save Icon

Tap this button to launch the menu to choose how you want to share or save a copy of your current JIBB content mid session.

Invite Icon

Tap this button to launch the menu to choose how you want to share a URL invite to others from your device any time you like mid-session.

End Session Icon

Tap this button to launch the end session and sharing options menu.

Help Icon

Tap this button to launch the JIBB help menu, to choose to re-start the session tutorial or access support.


How to get the best results


Getting started

Always try to start your whiteboard session with a blank whiteboard when possible, it can be any size as long as you’ll be able to fit the whole surface in the camera preview.

While JIBB works with any whiteboard marker colour, we recommend writing with a black or dark blue pen to get the sharpest looking rendering.


Positioning your phone

Using a phone stand is recommended, but not essential if you don’t already have one. The ideal position for your phone is to lay it down in landscape mode, leaning up at whatever angle it will be able to see your whole whiteboard.

Ideally you want your phone’s front camera to be aiming directly at the whole surface, fitting all four corners of it within the camera preview.


Detecting the surface

You’ll know when it’s time to start writing as soon as you have successfully detected your surface, after fitting the whole whiteboard in the preview, keeping your phone completely still.

It’s ok if you want to try moving your phone into a better spot, JIBB will automatically keep detecting your surface and updating your digital rendering as you keep writing.


Positioning your device correctly

If you already have a phone stand that helps keep your phone supported in landscape mode, you will find it really easy to get started. However, if you need some further inspiration, here are some more examples of setting up for a JIBB whiteboard session using a few different kinds of stands or common items to successfully get started.

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Looking for a phone stand to buy?

While using a phone stand is not essential, if you’re planning to use JIBB for both paper and whiteboard session, here or some affordable phone stand options that are available to purchase online.


The choice is yours

If you want to live share your handwriting or drawing with someone else or even see a larger preview of your own session on a laptop or desktop, you have a few different options to choose from.

If you’d like to know even more about these options please go to Live Sharing Tips.


Sending a link before you start

If you’ve just selected the whiteboard option on the home screen, and want to share a link to your session before you start positioning your phone, simply tap the invite button to choose an option from your device’s native sharing options and other apps.

Whoever you send a link to via this method will be able to open it on any browser to see what you’re writing or drawing once you’ve finished detecting your surface and begin writing.


Browser sharing & web conferencing

If you’re using JIBB and also have access to your desktop, laptop or tablet with a bigger screen, you can login to your session via a browser and see a much larger preview of your writing and drawing any time.

This option also allows you to copy and share the URL to send however you like, as well as the option to simply join your usual web conferencing platform and share your screen.


Sending a link mid-session

If you’d like to focus on getting started by positioning your phone first and then share an invite link to others after you’ve started writing, you can tap the invite icon in the right-side navbar of the whiteboard session interface, then choose an option.

It’s ok if you move your phone or need to re-detect the writing surface, your JIBB session will continue sharing until you decide to end and share via saving a copy or starting a new one.

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