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Deliver more effective virtual presentations by keeping creativity in the moment.

Use JIBB to instantly transform any writing surface into a digital whiteboard using any webcam or smartphone.

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Why Use JIBB?

webcam and mobile

Any Webcam or Smartphone

JIBB is compatible with all smartphones and webcams, making it very easy to use.


Improves Virtual Presentations

Make your virtual presentations more collaborative, visually-engaging, and effective.



JIBB is the only platform that turns pen and paper into a digital canvas in real-time.

user group

Multiple Users In Real-Time

Multiple remote users are able to write and collaborate in real-time or asynchronously.

cloud technology

No Hardware Required

All you need is our desktop or mobile app, a white writing surface, and dark ink. That’s it.

Designed for users of

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Also compatible with

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Turn Your Virtual Presentation Into A Collaborative Discussion

Because every great idea starts with a whiteboard.

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JIBB Isn’t Magic — It’s Patented AI Technology

JIBB is as easy to use as it sounds. With our patented AI technology, you can turn the camera on any device into an artificial eye that captures any pen or pencil stroke made on any white surface, transferring it immediately to the digital whiteboard.

  • Transform your writing into a real-time digital rendering
  • Share your writing with anyone, anytime, anywhere
  • Unlike styluses and digital pens, you don’t need any expensive proprietary hardware or software
  • Use JIBB with any external or built-in webcam, either on a desktop computer or using the JIBB Connect mobile app on any mobile device
  • Adaptive AI technology means the more you use JIBB, the better it gets
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Deliver Better Virtual Presentations

Whether you work in education or any industry, virtual presentations can be a drag. They’re not agile, not engaging, and not impactful. Most schools and businesses leave it up to their employees to either purchase expensive presentation hardware or come up with a DIY solution, both of which put a burden on the individual. So we came up with a much better alternative.

  • Make virtual presentations and meetings more collaborative, visually engaging, and effective
  • Enhance clarity during presentations or brainstorming sessions
  • One click will save or share your digital whiteboard as a JPEG or PDF
  • Eliminate advantages for in-office participants compared to remote participants
  • JIBB combines old school tools for creativity with new school tools for collaboration
  • Effective and efficient brainstorming happens in front of a whiteboard, not from punching a keyboard
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Universally Compatible And Easy to Use

Effective and efficient brainstorming happens in front of a whiteboard, not from punching a keyboard. We built JIBB for all users and that’s why we made it is as easy to use as picking up a pen. Stop paying for expensive hardware or creating faulty DIY solutions, and just use JIBB!

  • Be ready to present in 2 minutes with no learning curve
  • Built for all users with all levels of technological experience
  • No matter which smartphones, webcams, meeting platforms, and video recording platforms you use, JIBB will work with it
  • Use it anywhere on the planet
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Share Your Writing On Webex

Built specifically for Webex, JIBB allows remote teams to create a more inclusive and engaging experience inside of the Webex platform. By adding the JIBB bot inside any Webex space, users can collaborate more easily and effectively by viewing the same digital whiteboard in real-time. Have more productive Webex meetings with JIBB.

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Why Do People Love Using JIBB?

Here’s some App Store reviews:

Works like magic

“This app is a game-changer, you can use it to turn your writing on a piece of paper or even a whiteboard to a digital copy, streaming it online at the same time, turning anything you write on into a kind of digital whiteboard. Perfect for online meetings while working from home to sketch out ideas or brainstorm and anyone else with the app can also join your workspace to share their writing at the same time side-by-side, it’s really cool. Nothing else like it out there, definitely check it out!”

Amazing app for work meetings/sharing

“Very happy to have found this app and works wonders when having virtual meetings and being able to all be on the same page 👍”

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Get the JIBB Connect mobile app on your device today to use as your JIBB camera.

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