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JIBB Room Licenses

Add JIBB to your Cisco equipped meeting rooms to instantly digitize and share your physical whiteboard in hybrid meetings.

JIBB session example
Starting JIBB on Cisco Room Navigator
JIBB Annotation example

Key Features:

Unlimited JIBB Sessions

Once JIBB is installed on your Cisco Room Series device, everyone in the meeting room can use JIBB.

Unlimited Users can Join & Annotate

Invite others to join remotely by scanning the workspace QR to join and annotate in real-time, no sign up required.

Simple Deployment

Hassle-free deployment of JIBB on your Cisco devices with On-Device Macros or via Webex Control Hub.

Easy Ordering via Cisco

JIBB is a certified Cisco SolutionsPlus Partner, making our innovative solutions readily available to order on the Cisco Global Price List (GPL) via CCW.

JIBB Room License
Volume Discount Available
What's included?
Enhanced Whiteboard Output
Images are instantly enhanced to remove any reflections, glare, angel, and people blocking the whiteboard.
Cisco Room Series Integration
No additional hardware is required. JIBB is compatible with all Cisco devices including:
Cisco Room Kit Mini, Cisco Room Bar, Cisco Room Kit, Cisco Room Bar Pro, Cisco Room Kit Plus, Cisco Room Kit EQ, Cisco Room Kit EQX, and Cisco Room Kit Pro.
Native Cisco Room Navigator Interface
Anyone can Start JIBB in a single tap, Using JIBB is as simple as tapping the JIBB icon and writing on a whiteboard as normal.
Works with any Whiteboard, Glassboard or Flipchart
JIBB accommodates various whiteboard types including walls, traditional, modular, glassboards, and flipcharts. Its versatility extends to any whiteboard size.
Camera Snaps to Whiteboard
Every time someone starts the JIBB app on the device, the camera will automatically snap to the whiteboard.
Smart Auto-Save
JIBB’s Auto-Save uses a smart AI algorithm to take snapshots after each significant change and emails a meeting summary PDF to the pre-defined inbox at the end of the session.
Digital Annotation Tools
Advanced Device Management
Advanced Security
Enterprise-level support
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Learn about how JIBB works, what makes it different, and our enterprise level security protocols, ensuring you get the best value solution for enhancing your meeting experiences.

How does JIBB integrate with Cisco Room Series Devices?

JIBB seamlessly integrates with Cisco Room Series devices, enhancing their functionality by adding advanced whiteboarding and collaboration features in the form of the JIBB app. This ensures a unified and efficient collaboration experience for users.

Installing JIBB on a device is as simple as filling out a form. Once added to the device, using JIBB is as easy as tapping a button to start capturing and sharing a meeting whiteboard in real-time to any video conferencing platform being used on the device.

How is JIBB different from other 'Whiteboard Content Cameras'?

JIBB stands out because of its AI-driven capabilities, allowing it to recognize content on all types of writing surfaces. Unlike other solutions, JIBB does not require any specific camera or single use hardware. JIBB adds value to your existing meeting room camera.

Additionally, it offers unique features like realtime digital annotation from remote participants, the ability to automatically capture session screenshots, compile them, and promptly purge the data after use, ensuring top-tier security and privacy.

How secure is JIBB, especially concerning data privacy?

Data security is paramount to JIBB. All data flows are comprehensively encrypted, from the moment of capture to when it's relayed back to the user's browser. JIBB is hosted on secure Amazon Web Services servers and after each session, data associated with the session is swiftly deleted to ensure privacy and data integrity.

We are also partnered with Process Unity (formerly CyberGRX) and you can request an independent security and risk assessment by clicking this link.

How can I try JIBB before buying Room Licenses?

JIBB also offers a comprehensive Pilot Plan that includes 3 Room Licenses for a 6-week trial, complete with customized training and support for your team. This plan is crafted to ensure your experience with JIBB is both successful and tailored to your specific needs.

Contact us here, and let us know you're interested in launching a JIBB Pilot. We're excited to help you and your team collaborate better!