JIBB Installation Guide for Cisco Devices

Follow the instructions on this page to learn how to add JIBB to your Cisco Room Series device, the optional features you can use, and how to get the most out of the JIBB app.

Watch the tutorial video below to get started

1. Compatibility Requirements

Please make sure you check the following details before installing JIBB:

Network Firewall/Proxy Healthcheck

As a crucial first step to ensure that your network environment is optimized for seamless integration, we recommend doing a quick network healthcheck. 

Step 1: Check JIBB Web App Accessibility

Visit the Login Page:

  • Open your web browser on a desktop connected to the same network as your Cisco Device and go to https://app.jibb.ai/.
  • If you see the login page, proceed to Step 2. This indicates that your network allows access to JIBB, but it does not confirm full accessibility.
  • If you see a blank page or error page, this could mean that your network settings, including firewalls or proxies, are blocking access to JIBB.
Step 2: Verify JIBB API Accessibility

Access Developer API Tab in Local Device Controls:

  1. Log in to Webex Control Hub
  2. Local Device Controls for the device you want to install JIBB onto.
  3. Inside Local Device Controls, click on the Developer API tab.

Execute the following API Command:

“xCommand HttpClient Get ResultBody: None Url: https://app.jibb.ai/

Interpret the Results:

  • A message showing "1 of 1 applied successfully" with a green tick signifies that your network isn't blocking JIBB, and you can proceed with the installation of the JIBB app.
  • A response of "some commands were rejected" suggests that JIBB is likely being blocked by your firewall or proxy settings.
Step 3: Adjust Firewall / Proxy Settings

If either Step 1 or Step 2 indicates that JIBB is being blocked:

  1. Whitelist Essential Domains:
    • Ensure the following domains are whitelisted in your firewall and proxy settings to allow smooth operation of JIBB on your network:
      • https://app.jibb.ai/
      • https://api.jibb.ai/
  2. If you're not sure how to adjust these settings, contact your IT administrator
    • Provide them with the domains listed above and request that they ensure these are not blocked by your network’s firewall or proxy.
Device Operating System Requirements

JIBB is now fully compatible with Cisco Devices running on both the latest Cisco RoomOS Stable Channel and Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) mode. Whether you prefer the native Cisco experience or the MTR interface, JIBB works seamlessly with your setup.

Key Points to Ensure Compatibility:

  • Latest Software Versions: Ensure your device is updated to the latest version of RoomOS/MTR Stable Channel for optimal performance and compatibility.
    • How to Check: In Control Hub under Devices > Software, you can see the different channels and how many devices in your organization are on which OS/channel.
Network Settings & Device Admin Credentials

Any time you want to install JIBB onto a device or update the app's configuration, please make sure you are connected to the same network the device is on.

You also need to have access to an active device admin username and password/passphrase, the device's IP address and a valid JIBB license API key (more info below).

2. Installing the JIBB App

Once you have checked the compatibility requirements above, you're ready to start installing JIBB onto your Cisco Room Series Device.

Attn: Demo License Users

If you're installing JIBB using a demo license key, you will need to refer to the Demo License Installation Guide, which follows a slightly different process. If you have a JIBB Admin Account, continue below.

Login to the JIBB Admin Portal to Add & Configure your device

Step 01 - Login to the JIBB Admin Portal (app.jibb.ai/admin)

Step 02 - Go to the Macro Devices tab.

Step 03 - Add a Device and give it a name.

Step 04 -  Click on Key, then generate and copy the API Key (you might want to paste this in a document for your own records - you will need to paste this API Key during the next step (explained below)  

Step 05 - Click the "Configuration" button to open the form where you will start entering the admin credentials, API Key and choose settings.

Enter Device Credentials & API

After opening Configuration popup form, enter the required details.

Paste the API key you generated in the previous steps, along with an admin username, password and the IP address for the device.

Click Save to Install JIBB

Once you've filled out the form and enabled any optional features, all you need to do is click save, and JIBB will automatically be installed onto your device. A "JIBB is ready" notification will appear on the Room Navigator, as well as the JIBB app icon.

3. Post-Installation

After installing JIBB, follow these instructions to test the app or make any changes

Make sure you clicked 'Save'

When using the form to setup your installation, always remember to click save when you're done in order for the app to be installed correctly.

Check the Room Navigator

You'll know JIBB is installed when the JIBB app icon is added to the Room Navigator touchscreen (or inside the Control Panel if your device is running on MTR mode).

If you are updating the app after it's already installed, you'll see a "JIBB is ready" notification appear on the Room Navigator.

Updating Your Configuration

If you've already installed JIBB and want to change any settings, you'll need to reopen the configuration form following the same process as before, choose your new settings and click save to send your updates to the device.

4. JIBB Camera Preset

In order for JIBB to automatically snap to your whiteboard every time someone uses the app, we strongly recommend creating a new Camera Preset position named "jibb" on your device.

Aim, Set & Forget

On your Room Navigator, go to the manual controls and aim the camera at the meeting room whiteboard, zoom in or out making sure it fits the whole writing surface inside the camera preview that will be displayed on the TV screen/monitor connected to your device.

If you're using a Device running on MTR mode, please watch and follow the instructions in the second video tutorial.

You must name this new camera preset "jibb"

Make sure you tap "Save". Once installed, the JIBB macro will use this preset to ensure that every time someone starts the JIBB app on the device, the camera will automatically snap to the whiteboard.