JIBB + Webex Integration

Embrace the art of simplicity and efficiency in your Webex meetings with JIBB. Our integrations bring you the most intuitive form of online visual communication – just your ideas flowing through your pen onto the whiteboard, shared directly inside your Webex Meetings and Spaces.

Choose how you'd like to use JIBB + Webex

Whether you want to start using JIBB directly inside a Webex Meeting or quickly create a JIBB Workspace everyone in your Webex Space can instantly join, JIBB has you covered.

Webex Meetings + JIBB App

Integrate effortlessly with the JIBB App in Webex. Share your insights in a Webex meeting with a few simple clicks, bridging the gap between the physical and digital collaboration spaces.

Webex Spaces + JIBB Bot

Incorporate the JIBB Bot into your Webex spaces. Instantly create and join a JIBB Workspace, where your session content can be automatically saved back to, ensuring a streamlined workflow.

Official Webex Partner

JIBB is Optimized for Webex

Tailor-made for Cisco Webex, JIBB integrates natively. With one click, save or share your digital whiteboard content. All you need is your usual whiteboard setup, a webcam or smartphone.